‘A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche’ with Sue Prideaux

Who hasn’t heard of ‘God is Dead’? Friedrich Nietzsche’s work forms the bedrock of our contemporary thought and yet a shroud of misunderstanding surrounds the first modern philosopher.

Join us to hear award-winning author, Sue Prideaux, as she talks about her illuminating new biography of Nietzsche, I Am Dynamite!. She invites the reader into the world of a brilliant, eccentric and deeply troubled man and explodes the myths around his life and work.

“This is what every biography should be like – engrossing, intelligent, moving, often downright funny, and filled with insights and sharply observed details from an extraordinary life. Simply a blast.” Sarah Bakewell


From his placid, devoutly Christian upbringing, overshadowed by the mysterious death of his father, through his lonely philosophising on high mountains, to the horror and pathos of his final descent into madness, Prideaux explores Nietzsche’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual life with insight and sensitivity.

The book is studded with unforgettable portraits of the people who were most important to him, including Richard and Cosima Wagner, Lou Salome – the femme fatale who broke his heart – and his rabidly nationalist and anti-Semitic sister Elizabeth, who betrayed him by manipulating his texts and putting them to infinite misuse at the hands of the Nazis. Today, Nietzsche’s ideas continue to be adopted by both the left and the right.

Thursday, 18th October 2018 at 7pm

Tickets: £5, redeemable against the price of the book, I Am Dynamite, on the night of the event.

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