Independent authors & greeting card artists

It can be bewildering being an independent author or artist – so many different sources of advice are on offer. There is no easy one-size-fits-all answer that we can give as we know our customers well, and every book and card in our shop is based on their and our tastes. As booksellers we want, above all, to sell books – it is never in our best interests to turn away potential sales. But equally we want to be sure that our stock is compatible with our customer base.

If you are an independent author, or a small press without a sales rep, or a card artist, the best thing is to email, showing that you have visited the shop, you know the kind of books we stock, you know what sells well and can persuade us that your book fits the mix. The more evidence you can give that you know our area and our style, the better we will be able to help. We have had plenty of success with local and independent authors – for example, we have been delighted to contribute to the success of The Dulwich Notebook – but we will consider each book on its merits, as we do for every other title we stock. If we decide to stock your book we will require a consignment agreement counter-signed by the shop owner before any stock can be ordered.