Exceptional Reviews for Leïla Slimani’s Lullaby

As reviews come in for Leïla Slimani’s thriller Lullaby, we at Dulwich Books haven’t been surprised to see the universal acclaim attracted by this extraordinary book. We are very lucky to have Leïla Slimani for an event here in West Dulwich on Monday 15th January.


In a 5-star review The Independent reflects on the politics at the heart of the book:

“I’d put money on Lullaby being the smartest thriller you’ll read all year, not to mention an urgent commentary on class, race, gender, and the politics of mothering”

The Times pays testament to Slimani’s high-wire plot:

“The book is compulsively readable. That opening child murder works as a sort of narrative turbocharge. As the remaining pages thin beneath your fingers you turn them all the faster, knowing you’re nearing the terrible denouement. I read it in one sitting”

Meanwhile The Guardian comments on the grand themes contained within:

“What raises this why-dunnit way above the usual killer-nanny thriller is that it’s also a fantastically well-wrought portrait of social, economic – and ultimately moral – distress and deprivation”

Comparing Slïmani to Zola and Genet, the Financial Times describes the book as:

“A triumphantly uncompromising examination of female anger and acquiescence”


Leïla Slimani will be in conversation with Afua Hirsch at The Rosendale pub in West Dulwich on Monday 15th January. Click here for full details and to book tickets