Emma Smith: This is Shakespeare (Dulwich Literary Festival)

‘I admire the freshness & attack of her writing, the passion & curiosity that light up the page. The book does something very important – it makes you impatient to see or re-read the plays at once.’ Hilary Mantel

In This is Shakespeare, Emma Smith (Professor of Shakespeare Studies at Hertford College, Oxford) offers an electrifying new take on Shakespeare which thrives on revealing, not resolving, the ambiguities of his plays & their changing topicality. His plays are alive in unpredictable and changing ways, forever open to reinterpretation across cultures and time.

‘Smith is, above all else, great fun, and it’s impossible not to get carried along on the tide of her enthusiasm. This Is Shakespeare is the best introduction to the plays I’ve read, perhaps the best book on Shakespeare, full stop.’ Alex Preston, The Guardian

Emma Smith introduces us to a working, anxious playwright who poses awkward questions rather than offering bland answers. Join Emma as she shows, in a journey that ranges from Freud to Friends, from Aristotle to Homer, from Machiavelli to #MeToo, that it is we, & our varied engagement, that make Shakespeare.

Date: Sunday 10th November

Venue: The George Farha Auditorium, Dulwich College, SE21 7LD

This event will start promptly at 14.30.

Price: £10 or £25 including a copy of This is Shakespeare (RRP £20)

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