How the Hell Did This Happen? by  P.J O’Rourke


“America is experiencing the most severe outbreak of mass psychosis since the Salem witch trials of 1692.”
In his latest book, celebrated political satirist, journalist, and die-hard Republican P. J. O’Rourke brings his critical eye and inimitable voice to some serious risky business.

How the Hell Did This Happen? begins with him donning a hazmat suit and diving into the pig pile of presidential candidates circa June 2015 including Jim (“who?”) Webb, Scott Walker (“America’s chance to have a President who gets carded every time he orders a beer”), Ted Cruz (“crazy like a fox—no, like a Fox News broadcast), Bernie Sanders (“Donald Trump for people still living in their parents’ basements”), and Donald Trump (“Landlord of the Flies”). P.J. eviscerates each front-runner as he or she emerges from under the rock where they’ve all been living. He covers the dreadful key primaries and candidate debates. P.J. takes us through his come-to-Satan moment with Hillary—”She’s the second worst thing that could happen to our nation. I endorse her.”—and into the Beginning of End Times in November.

How the Hell Did This Happen? answers the key question of the 2016 presidential election: Should we laugh or should we cry or should we hurl? (They are not mutually exclusive.)

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